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Homework Hound is a time saver and it’s very intuitive. It allows for differentiation and is great when reporting to parents.

It sets the units each week and just rolls over, it marks the work and provides worksheets for revision. I use it as a diagnostic tool when it is looking at concepts we haven't yet covered.

It helps with differentiation, higher levels of motivation, parent involvement, it eases teacher workload and provides helpful data.

Definitely go ahead! It is worth the investment.

Michelle Tieleman, Year 5, Kingsway Christian College, WA

Homework Hound has made it so much easier for my family. My son asks to do his homework and really enjoys the experience. We no longer struggle to get homework finished on time. I like that we have reports that show us how they are progressing. Also, the child is given further worksheets if they need to work on particular areas.

Kirsten Goebel (Parent of Christian, Year 4, Oakdale Primary School, NSW)

With Homework Hound, the students have really enjoyed doing their homework. They also look forward to receiving rewards. Students really like working on it, although they find some of the work difficult and challenging. Parents have said that they like to see where their children require more support.

Definitely to go ahead with it, it is just a time saver. Don’t think about it. You really should get it.

Eva Bay, Year 5, Australian International Islamic College Carrara Campus, QLD

Homework Hound is a great tool to use as additional learning. The rewards are great encouragement and enough for the children to feel proud of what they have accomplished.

Nadia Scanlon (Parent of Imogen, Year 3, Nemingha Public School, NSW)

This system is very easy to use. They really want to do their homework as it is interactive.

Gabriel Jendra (Parent of Archie, Year 5, Tarampa State School, QLD)

My students absolutely love Homework Hound! I love that I can set them to work on it and know that we are addressing the Australian Curriculum for their age group & that all students are being challenged at a level appropriate to their current skills & abilities.

Petra Turner, Year 5, McLaren Vale Primary, SA

My year 5 class are really enjoying Homework Hound!
It’s all ready to go and there is no need to plan and photocopy. I use it for knowing what to teach students and what areas to focus on.
Buy it, the kids love it!

Amy Williums, Year 5, St Joseph’s Primary School, WA

It is both advantageous for the parent and child joining Homework Hound. We are happy that the teacher is very encouraging and helpful even at the start. Our daughter gets to enjoy doing homework.

Paula Shonhan (Parent of Jacquilyn, Year 1, Taigum State School, QLD)

Great variety of topics covered, especially grammar. Links well with stage content.

Irena Bass, Year 2, Hps, NSW

Homework Hound helps me see the areas that my child is weak in, so that I can help her improve in those areas.

Dianne Baxendell (Parent of Jae, Year 4, Port Kennedy Primary School, WA)

I love it, as it works well for year 6's. It gives them that independence and ownership of their homework.

It's marked for you and you get reports each week. I can keep track of where my students are without me having to do marking. I like to see each student’s results each week, so I can help where needed. With it on the computer, I can monitor each student, help when needed and I don't have to find extra work for them, it's all there. We can target what students need help in and can extend others. The reports help with extension or specific work. They also help when writing reports.

I believe that Homework Hound gives students a variety of work relevant to their year level. They can choose when to complete each task, so it gives them ownership in their learning and they feel empowered. It's great.

Kathleen Rajanayagam, Year 6, Rehoboth Christian College Wilson, WA

We, as parents, like the freedom Homework Hound gives our child to do his homework with a safety net, knowing what areas he needs to focus on, if any, by receiving the weekly report sent via e-mail. This factor has allowed us to give our son the responsibility of doing his homework on his own without being disinterested.

Carly Tan (Parent of Lucas, Year 5, Kingsway Christian College, WA)

If you want to save some time, this is the answer!

Karina Kay, Year 1 & 2, Moonta Area School, SA

It’s a massive timesaver! It’s fun for the students, the parents like it and it gives me great data. It’s a great program.

Catherine Conradie, Year 6, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, NT

We review every Homework Hound report and focus on things to improve, so our child can understand it better.

Zyra Sernal (Parent of Yanna, Year 3, New Farm State School, QLD)

Homework Hound has been a valuable tool for me as a teacher.

Nicole Mcculloch, Year 1, Alphington Grammar School, VIC

Well worth your child enrolling, as it helps identify areas that may be causing them trouble. Extra worksheets are provided for your child so they can work at improving their weakest areas. It’s also a fun way to learn. It doesn’t even really feel like homework.

Kim Marler, (Parent of Eres, Year 4, Tarampa State School, QLD)

It saves time, produces effective data, identifies strengths and weaknesses in students and best of all NO MARKING for me!!!! I just print the reports and certificates.

Nareen Khakh, Year 6, Samuel Gilbert Public School, NSW

Children actually enjoy doing homework with Homework Hound.

Sue Grant (Parent of Suzy, Year 5, Edgewater Primary School, WA)

My child loves Homework Hound! It inspires my child to achieve with positive reinforcement.

Michelle Botterill (Parent of Martine, Year 5, Phoenix P-12 Community College, VIC)

Homework Hound is a handy resource which caters for a wide variety of educational needs in an academically diverse classroom.

Amanda Henn, Year 4, Livingstone Christian College, QLD

Homework Hound is a fun and interactive way of doing homework. It covers a range of subjects and gives parents a report after completion. Do it. It’s great!

Sania Nasser-Eddine (Parent of Nouriyah, Year 3, St Joseph’s School, Hectorville, SA)

It’s a useful tool for viewing student success when working independently. It identifies gaps in learning. I view the areas of difficulty in the weekly reports and then plan to reteach. I also use areas of success when writing school reports.

Homework Hound has given another avenue to connect with my students outside of school.

Students love the format and enjoy the certificates. When I greet them, I can congratulate them on the reward they have won, due to successful homework completion.

Kate Jackman, Year 5 & 6, Rockingham Lakes Primary School, WA

There are no struggles with my son doing his homework - in fact he delights in getting it done and asks for it even after it is completed!

Jane Dorrington (Parent of Soren, Year 1, Cartbrook State School, QLD)

Homework Hound has saved me many hours of prepping and marking. My students are engaged with their own learning. The kids love it. I am always working on learning at point of need. It allows for differentiation and provides instant feedback to students and teachers. I’ve seen a 10-20% increase in scores through Literacy and Numeracy.

I have a very sick student that still feels engaged with his learning, even with many weeks in hospital. This is my first year using this resource and I will be using it again next year.

Nicole Nelson, Year 3, Kinross Primary School, WA

Homework Hound is a great way for kids to complete homework.

Michelle Steinke (Parent of Leyton, Year 4, Tarampa State School, QLD)

Homework Hound saves many hours of preparation for homework and marking homework. It is easy to change levels for students. It has reduced my marking and I am able to cater for different levels in my class. It is great!

Tiffany Moloney, Year 4, Winterfold Primary School, WA

This program is engaging and a wonderful timesaver for teachers. I am glad I took the opportunity to trial it this year. I only have to check that students are completing homework, assign rewards, and check progress. It is all done for me. I would recommend using it.

Karen Murphy, Year 4, Marian State School, QLD

Homework Hound has worked well for us. We sit together and complete homework and have discussions about tasks.

Tania Rowe (Parent of Matilda, Year 5, Fitzgerald State School, QLD)

Homework Hound saves a lot of time and leaves you more time to teach. It’s a great resource!

Elena Carey, Year 3 & 4, Santa Clara Primary School, WA

We are very happy with Homework Hound.

Melanie Thornton (Parent of Kai, Year 5, Grovely State School, QLD)

Homework Hound saves precious time and is well designed. Keep an eye on student feedback and requests for help. I see where students are looking for assistance and build that into my teaching. Make sure you set rewards that are fun. Parents love it and students love the rewards.

Kerry Forman, Year 4 & 5, Bungendore Public School, NSW

My kids love using Homework Hound, they get their homework done quickly at the start of the week and we never have to ask them to do it. We then have the rest of the week to do other things they enjoy!

Ashleigh Bowerman (Parent of Abbie & Elliott, Year 5, Edgewater Primary School, WA)

I have just started using Homework Hound and can already see the huge advantages!

I love that it is marked and it gives areas of strengths and weaknesses for individual students. Start early in the year, print out 2 sets of log in cards, one to send home and one to use in class.

I love that the students are engaged and really enjoying completing it. I introduced Homework Hound in computer lab time, so that some students who don't do it at home could become familiar with it and hopefully use it at home too.

Joanne Petersen, Year 2, Hinchinbrook Public School, NSW

Homework Hound is a great program!

Mirella Spagnoletti (Parent of Siena, Year 4, St Joseph’s School, Hectorville, SA)

If you’re considering a membership, do it!

Homework Hound has been very useful in its reporting and in the design of the activities. The time saved is worth the fee. My students find it very engaging. The ones without internet connection feel a bit left out. It's a valuable timesaver and is very engaging to most students. You still need to cater for the families that don't have internet access. Great feedback in the weekly reports. I integrate the information into my daily lessons, where possible.

It saves me time marking, analysing results and designing engaging consolidating activities.

Marking time is reduced. Analysing their results is done for me, which helps in planning. The activities are already designed and presented to each student.

The students usually ask for help and they are vigilant about receiving their rewards.

Francine Borg, Year 3, Ropes Crossing PS, NSW

Homework Hound is a way to complete homework across a variety of subjects in one easily accessible place. The rewards and games make it motivating and fun for the child, so it's not a chore to get the homework done. We think it's a great way to condense homework from multiple subjects into one place. Max enjoys it and is motivated to complete it. The weekly reports support our knowledge of where he’s at with his learning and where he needs support.

Casey Barendrecht (Parent of Max, Year 1, Lake Gwelup Primary, WA)

I love Homework Hound. It’s great to know how my child is doing.

Sarah Robinson (Parent of Lanto, Year 4, Carrington Community College, WA)

I really like Homework Hound. At times, sections of work have not been covered in class before they appear on Homework Hound, but looking over the preview at the beginning of the week and talking through the different sections helps with this. I like the variety of tasks and available worksheets for reinforcement.

Not having to set homework and mark it saves time. Having it marked and the results available has been very beneficial.

Margaret Dymock, Year 4, Summerland Christian College, NSW

Homework Hound allows my daughter to cover a range of areas, and it also allows me as her parent to see which areas she requires extra help with.

Michelle Tuson (Parent of Bella, Year 2, Winterfold Primary School, WA)

Homework Hound has saved me hours in preparation, photocopying and marking. Students are engaged and once they get the hang of it, they realise that it's not as daunting as they thought. Everything is already prepared, results are organised and easy to understand.

Students are more engaged and it is easier to track results.

It’s very easy to change students to another year to make it harder or easier to reach success.

Jillian McDonald, Year 6, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, WA

Homework Hound has made homework engaging for my students, easy for me to prepare and set, and there is NO marking!

Kerri-Anne Spinks, Year 3, Nowra Public School, NSW

I love that my child is excited to come home and do his homework. I also find the weekly reports helpful to keep track of his progress. It has shown me his weaknesses and made me aware that he is lazy when it comes to multiple choice questions. My child and I revisit the incorrect answers together and discuss.

Dawn Holland (Parent of Rory, Year 4, Mount Tarcoola, WA

I have found it to be a fun and engaging way for my students to complete their homework. My students are a group that are device driven so this suits them perfectly. Parents love that they can see their child's progress.

It has saved so much time that I do not have in regards to creating weekly homework sheets/activities and then marking them. It saves me a lot of time by not having to create and mark homework.

I love the weekly reports, as they help inform my teaching and help me to set targets for individual students.

Use it consistently and ensure that you access the reports, as they are beneficial.

Narda Itskos, Year 4, Oakdale Public School, NSW

Homework Hound has been a great way for my daughter to independently complete her homework tasks, but with the confidence that she is supported and receiving the necessary education on the tasks that require improvement.

Natasha Parkinson (Parent of Hayley, Year 5, Bungendore Public School, NSW

Homework Hound is a very valuable tool to use in any classroom. The activities are engaging and relevant to the content. Students are having fun while practising their learning and can log in at home to share their progress with their families. The fact that you can add your weekly spelling words is extremely helpful. Students are rewarded with a certificate as they complete activities and tasks, which they love and are very proud of. I highly recommend this as students of all abilities can complete. It’s a great diagnostic tool that gives results that some paper tests don’t provide. All of the standards are being met while the students are enjoying themselves.

Lauren Giles, Year 4 & 5, The Hall State School, QLD

Homework Hound is a great tool for homework. My child loves it!

Poonam Hosany (Parent of Avni, Year 6, Edgewater Primary School, WA)

Great resource when I can’t always check homework progress or meet with my child’s teacher.

Monique Kinnest (Parent of Cole, Year 4, WA)

Homework Hound makes homework time easier.

Jaclyn McCullen (Parent of Frankee, Year 1, Carbrook State School, QLD)

Homework Hound is a good learning tool, but I encourage parents to be very involved when the child is completing the answers.

Emma Clugston (Parent of Chelsea, Year 5, Bungendore Public School, NSW)