Homework Hound meets the needs of school and home!

Regular detailed reports and feedback ensure teachers and parents remain well informed on progress throughout the Homework Hound journey. The journey remains fun and informative for every child as they access games, rewards, feedback, weekly certificates and engaging learning experiences.

Why homework hound works

What our members are saying...

Homework Hound is a time saver and it’s very intuitive. It allows for differentiation and is great when reporting to parents.

It sets the units each week and just rolls over, it marks the work and provides worksheets for revision. I use it as a diagnostic tool when it is looking at concepts we haven't yet covered.

It helps with differentiation, higher levels of motivation, parent involvement, it eases teacher workload and provides helpful data.

Definitely go ahead! It is worth the investment.

Michelle Tieleman, Year 5, Kingsway Christian College, WA

Homework Hound has made it so much easier for my family. My son asks to do his homework and really enjoys the experience. We no longer struggle to get homework finished on time. I like that we have reports that show us how they are progressing. Also, the child is given further worksheets if they need to work on particular areas.

Kirsten Goebel (Parent of Christian, Year 4, Oakdale Primary School, NSW)

With Homework Hound, the students have really enjoyed doing their homework. They also look forward to receiving rewards. Students really like working on it, although they find some of the work difficult and challenging. Parents have said that they like to see where their children require more support.

Definitely to go ahead with it, it is just a time saver. Don’t think about it. You really should get it.

Eva Bay, Year 5, Australian International Islamic College Carrara Campus, QLD

Homework Hound is a great tool to use as additional learning. The rewards are great encouragement and enough for the children to feel proud of what they have accomplished.

Nadia Scanlon (Parent of Imogen, Year 3, Nemingha Public School, NSW)

This system is very easy to use. They really want to do their homework as it is interactive.

Gabriel Jendra (Parent of Archie, Year 5, Tarampa State School, QLD)

My students absolutely love Homework Hound! I love that I can set them to work on it and know that we are addressing the Australian Curriculum for their age group & that all students are being challenged at a level appropriate to their current skills & abilities.

Petra Turner, Year 5, McLaren Vale Primary, SA

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Major components of homework hound benefit our learners.

Instant Feedback, With
Detailed Reporting
25 000 +
Expertly Crafted Questions
Weekly Printable
Progress Certificates
Interactive, Prescribed
Educational Games
Printable Worksheets
Positive, Motivational
Reward System
Music And Songs
To Assist Learning
Helpful Hints And Tips
For Parents

Kids are encouraged to design their learning environment

Student News Board
Homework Hound Mail
Custom Avatar And Page Personalisation
Interactive Music Room
Educational Games
Weekly Certificates
Motivational Rewards
Instant Feedback
Fun, Extracurricular Activities
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Every week, homework hound tells me what I’ve done well. That’s my favourite part!
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