Homework Hound is a curriculum-aligned program, developed by Australian teachers, which is supported by thousands of teaching resources.

Homework Hound has been designed to reward students for progress, prescribe games and activities to individual students based on strengths and areas for further development. It is set up with teachers in mind – you don’t have to do a thing! Tasks have been spread across each term to cater for all the strands within English and Mathematics. It is also interchangeable. Homework Hound has been designed to meet your needs, allowing you to shuffle content around to suit your school’s Scope and Sequence. Contact our team, provide your class list and we will set your class up for you. The only thing you need to do is to print and distribute login access cards to your students. Let us do the rest!

  • Australian Curriculum Aligned
  • English and Mathematics
  • Fuss-free student access via QR code
  • Compatible with all modern devices
  • Intervention and extension, small group and whole class sessions

Kids LOVE learning with Homework Hound

FREE English and Maths Academic Report
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Automatically Assigns Weekly Tasks
Groups Students To
Improve Challenge Areas
Assigns Games Based
Upon Individual Results
Instant Feedback To
Monitor Class Results
Achievement Certificates
Weekly Reports
Automatically Generated
Fun And Interactive
Reward System
FREE English and Maths Academic Report
Included in 7-Day Trial
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Teachers Love and Trust Homework Hound

  • Accessible Via Tablet, Laptop or Desktop
  • Instant Feedback, Which Encourages Independent Learning
  • Weekly reports automatically generated

Homework Hound saves you time and takes the guess work out of planning

Automatically groups students according to performance as in-depth as sub-strands and elaborations
Quick and easy access to student progress for those impromptu parent meetings and formal interviews

Quick and easy, no-fuss logging in to save time